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for Broadcasting Media

Use facial and voice recognition to create a dynamic database of metadata associated with any video content, making it easier to search and retrieve historical material.
Cost-effective solution for development a library of video content
Better access to all media by keyword search
Full-featured, all-in-one metadata collection platform designed for professional media

All this is possible thanks to the magic of...

Speech To Text

Easily convert dialogue, monologue or any other spoken word to text.


Synchronise lip movements with original voices speaking translated roles.


Use best AI models to translate your texts into the most popular languages.

Face recognition

Identify, tag and match every face in the scene to the right voice.

Text To Speech

Speech synthesis converts translated text into spoken roles using the original actor's or speaker's voice.

Voice Cloning

Split and reassemble all voice tracks, no matter how many actors are on stage or behind the scenes.

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